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Free Literature (click to activate Acrobat® plug-in, or see below to get Acrobat®):

Sales Flyer (Digital Technology - 1.23 M)  (After all, this is the new millennium.)

Sales Flyer (Service Highlights - 349K) (Everything we do, in a nut-shell.)

Sales Flyer (Trac III - 268K) (History making headlines!)

Sales Brochure (1.24M) (The longer version of everything we do.)

Tracer Studies Written Agreement Document (110K) (A legal document.)

Interface Logging Discussion and Procedures (63K) (Step-by-step procedures for an often overlooked procedure.)

Injection Profile Procedures (254K)    (Step-by-btep procedures and examples for logging injection wells and related subjects.)

Trac III Annulur Production Logs (277K)   (You really can log down the backside of a pumping well.)

Capacitance Tool Water Cut Calibration (122 K)  (Calibrated capacitance tools give quantitative data.)

PowerPoint Presentations (We use these when we teach a school - you can view on line!)

Injection Profiles PowerPoint Presentation

Trac III Production Logs PowerPoint Presentation

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