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Oil & Gas Industry

Analog - AnaLog can build, repair, modify, and calibrate most downhole well logging tools.
Trans-Pecos SPE Section - Society Of Petroleum Engineers Trans-Pecos Section
Permian SPE Section - Society Of Petroleum Engineers Permian Section
SPE Home Page - National Page from Richardson, TX
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council - National
PTTC Homepage - Mid-Con
Madden Systems - Offshore Memory Logging & Geothermal Logging
Baker Hughes - Rig Counts and more.
Department of Energy Home Page
Alpha Oil Tools
Halliburton Company
Schlumberger Information Server
SPWLA Home Page
Energy Information Administration
American Petroleum Institute
Canadian Well Logging Society
Discovery Place - The Petroleum Industry's On-Line Resource Centre
New Mexico Tech PRRC
Current Oil Prices


Storm Chaser Homepage
National Weather Service Welcome Page
The Weather Channel
Weather Underground

Radiation Safety & Regulations

Radiation Protection Univ. Mich.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Media Links

cnet online front door
Ziff Davis Publishers


Welcome to - One stop shopping from the folks at CNet.

Nice Sites

Library Of Congress - "American Memory" OUTSTANDING SITE
Library Of Congress
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page - Smithsonian, what else can you say?
Southwest Airlines Home Gate - Hey American, United, Delta... here's how it's done. Atta boy Herb!
State of Texas Government World Wide Web server - We got big long roads out here.
Sandia National Laboratories

Search Engines

AltaVista: Main Page
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
Four 11 White Pages
Excite Home
World Wide Yellow Pages
Internet Address Finder
AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
White Pages Directory Services
Web Interface to Whois

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